About Arise Business Solutions

We are here to help business owners create time, focus & freedom whilst growing their business towards success. 

Arise is on a mission to help entrepreneurs to business success with coaching and efficiency solutions, giving back passion, confidence, clarity and most importantly – time.  We do this through;

– One on one business coaching and online workshops to give you the tools, and systems to make efficiency changes yourself. 

– A full end-to end service to implement and set up digital efficiency solutions for you.

Our Values

  • We’re present, we listen actively, and give you all the attention you deserve.
  • We trust your skills & knowledge of your business and don’t make assumptions, we ask.
  • We collaborate with you onto your journey in success, without pushing any non-useful tools or advice your way.
  • We work together and are always open to change.
  • We’re flexible and accommodating. We show patience to ourselves, our team and those we work with.

  • We’re here to add value, with clear and concise information for you to make thought-out decisions on business success and direction.
  • We always look for improvements and show great attention to detail.


  • Proactivity is in our blood, we look for solutions and always aim to go above and beyond expectations.
  • We’ll never compromise on time, urgency and deadlines.

Whether you want to "Do It Yourself" or want us to get it "Done For You" - We bring you efficiency solutions.

Who are we?

We are efficient problem solvers that live by our values. 

Besides that, we have been working as a remote team since the start of Arise Business Solutions. This means that we understand flexible work hours, the pain points, and opportunities in our current climate. We work with several software systems ourselves, including ZOHO Software, and have multiple tools in place to work collaborative, strategic, and efficient whilst not being in the same office! 

Rob Laidlaw

Rob Laidlaw

CEO & Principal Consultant

Rob is the owner and creator of Arise Business Solutions. He is continually striving to deliver exceptional work to all clients. His strengths are in striking the perfect balance between creating personal yet professional relationships and is your go-to person for everything relating to business growth and efficiency improvements. He spends his ideal weekend with his wife and three kids in Sumner – on the beach, in the hills, or kiteboarding on the estuary.

Lyra Tan

Office Assistant

Lyra organises our virtual office, handles the accounts, keeps our CRM and systems tidy and helps sort out the details and processes that make Arise tick over like clockwork. Her wide range of experience in logistics, journalism, e-commerce technology and CRM systems bring a wealth of experience to the team and our clients. She spends her ideal weekend at church and community service, takes Chinese classes and enjoys a large bowl of popcorn at family movie nights.  

Shared Passion

We value the diverse range of skills in our team and absolutely love collaborating on projects together.  Having allocated time for our own projects to gain new skills is bonus in our team. 

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