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Want to Solve Problems At Work? Just Walk Away!

This article explains the benefits of walking and leaving your office “be” for a while. When you struggle to see the solution for a problem, don’t stare it in the eyes, just take a walk and look at it with fresh eyes later.

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To do lists on a wall work well, until the notes loose their stickiness

To-Do List Apps That Improve Productivity & Task Management in 2020

How exactly do you take ownership of your time and make it completely under your control? How do you go from being productive to being effective?

You can simplify task management and have your time allocated in a blink of an eye with these best to-do list apps for task management of 2020.

See which one you can use to make sure the next two months are as efficient as possible, and to make it the best Christmas you’ve had yet!

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