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At the Startline

How Time Tracking Tools Reveal Your Productivity Flaws

Time tracking will help you achieving your goals and will reveal areas in your day to day activities where you can be saving time in.

Especially tracking time of certain projects, your finances and your and your staffs’ time investments will help you improve employee satisfaction and increases your own business efficiencies.

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Trello's Project Management board
task management

How To Use Trello For Task Management

Trello is a to-do list app with some great functionality. We enjoy working with this beautiful task management tool and show you in a quick introduction video how we use this.

Learn how to work with templates from Trello, how to use the cards and columns to keep track of your activities. See an easy way on you can collaborate with teams and where Trello templates can be found.

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To do lists on a wall work well, until the notes loose their stickiness

To-Do List Apps That Improve Productivity & Task Management in 2020

How exactly do you take ownership of your time and make it completely under your control? How do you go from being productive to being effective?

You can simplify task management and have your time allocated in a blink of an eye with these best to-do list apps for task management of 2020.

See which one you can use to make sure the next two months are as efficient as possible, and to make it the best Christmas you’ve had yet!

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