Custom fit, operational software solutions

Backed by sound strategy and planning, your team will work with greater ease and enjoy a simplified, more efficient system. We will empower your staff with systems that enable greater productivity.

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Leading from discovery

Our Discovery Workshop stands as the first phase in our strategic approach. After gaining a solid overview of your business, we will know what requires more in depth analysis and design strategy before implementing changes.

The following packages define our full service model.

Software Success


Our proven approach of delivering strategic software solutions by using a phased approach:





We are flexible enough to allow implementation of any identified quick wins within your current system. All the while, allowing time to plan and invest in a long-term approach to achieve system-wide benefits.


Discovery allows us to map your business strategy with software implementation goals and expected benefits. It’s important to define the executive sponsors, project owner, stakeholders and core user groups before commencing the following steps:

  • Deep-dive sessions to fully understand your fundamental processes, before gathering business and software requirements.
  • We work with data modelling during this phase to ensure we are capturing information flow between departments, systems, or both.


During Design, we evaluate the preferred software product(s) by testing features and functions to meet your requirements. When we have an agreed concept, we then publish a preferred design and roadmap to implement your solutions.


In the Implementation phase, we work through the prioritisation of the documented requirements, then configure your solution as per the design roadmap.

We manage the custom development for integration between systems, then cleanse existing datasets before migrating into the new software system.

Before rolling out to end users, we facilitate acceptance testing with your core users from each department or role to ensure issues are resolved.


Deployment is a managed phase to consider all aspects of change in the business as a result of a new or improved software system. All end users must have training to make sure everyone is following the same procedures depending on their role. We will also provide priority go-live support to ensure success in realising the benefits.

the SOFTWARE SUCCESS premium package includes:

  • Ongoing weekly activity for project delivery to meet agreed deliverables across all phases of the Process.
  • Dedicated productivity focus day once each week for workshops, review prioritisation of objectives, or both.
  • Off-site software configuration and customisation; data cleansing and migration.
  • On-site user acceptance testing; change management to meet objectives.
  • Private online project portal for shared documentation, bug tracking, and progress reporting.
  • FREE software subscriptions, for the duration of the project.
  • Fortnightly face-to-face project progress meeting with Rob (video conference call or in-person).

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Business Breakthrough




A Short-term focused package, designed to breakthrough any frustrations you face trying to make decisions without operational insights.

Supporting confident business decisions

Your customer information is the source of truth for your business. Integrating this with other business data and systems enables you to capture insights that support confident business decisions moving forward.

Who would suit this package?

The Business Breakthrough Package is for businesses who may have the internal capabilities to implement and deploy software developments themselves, but need strategic design support.

Also, you may wish to start with a smaller project to spread out costs while positioning yourself for future software developments implemented by us.

What’s included?

This course will help you make sense of data capture options.

The content is tailored to your needs and includes:

  • 1x strategy alignment session to define goals and benefits
  • 2x business process deep-dive sessions with key stakeholders
  • Business and software requirements report, plus systems diagram to determine your future design
  • 1x design review session to confirm progress
  • Prospective software evaluation and gap analysis report
  • Roadmap report including solution design to guide next steps.

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Training and Support


It is essential to make sure all staff are following the same procedures depending on their role. We provide classroom training options for end users.


Premium Support Package

Our Premium Support Package is a cost-effective solution for businesses who are looking to outsource expert support. We will continue to support your business with a proactive support package to keep you up to date with beneficial software enhancements.

This includes:

  • Monthly review of your systems and processes to see how we can proactively improve the way your business is operating.
  • UNLIMITED email support with priority escalation as required.
  • FREE access to our support services ticketing system and knowledge base

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