Spending Too Much Time IN Your Business?

Are you considering retirement in five years? 

You’ve worked hard, you’ve built up some profit in your bank account over the years,  but you’re still working as much as you did at the start of your business… 

Do you have a succession plan?

Sometimes you wonder whether you’ll ever have a chance to take a break from the day-to-day running of your business to have time for strategic planning (& take a holiday)! 

Your reporting structure is outdated, documents are saved in hard to find places, and since your team is working remotely, you’re constantly chasing staff to understand who is doing what. 

Sound familiar?

It’s a known problem, you’re not alone and we’re here to help work ON your business.

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What's slowing you down?

Business Improvement Programs that will FAST TRACK your Business Growth

1. Business Strategy Session

Our first 30 min strategy session is absolutely FREE!  During this session we create a crystal clear vision for ultimate success, uncover hidden challenges that may be standing in the way, and then finish feeling renewed, re-energised and inspired to get the results faster and easier than thought possible.

We’ll take you through an exercise that will discover:

  • WHY you’re in business 
  • WHAT pains you’d like to resolve
  • HOW you can get started with your business growth journey

2. Business Efficiency Laser Coaching

You’ve set your business goals for the year and your team works hard to achieve their KPI’s and reports back to you every quarter with results. In return, you’ll give them advice and make sure they follow your strategy and direction. Right?
BUT, who’s doing that for you? 

Our Efficiency Laser Coaching helps you to: 

  • Check in whether you’re on track with the plans to achieve those big lofty goals
  • Work on efficiency and strategic tasks that will set you up for scale 
  • Hold you accountable for your ultimate success

This includes:

  • Unlimited 15-Minute Sessions for 1 year!

3. Business Efficiency System

This 8 week course is designed to win time, improve collaboration and team efficiencies – providing you with more time to focus on strategy and business growth. 

This course helps you to: 

  • Streamline systems 
  • Identify workflow improvements 
  • Implement automated processes 

This training program is self paced to fit into your schedule, and includes personalised one-on-one support, plus a weekly 2 hour Q&A session.

4. Business Growth Program

Our focus here is to help you mastering your inner game to avoid distraction and overwhelm. We work together through these 5 Golden Keys to Rapid Success to:
  1. Clarify your vision and direction
  2. Strategise your actions
  3. Upgrade your skills
  4. Optimise your environment
  5. Master your psychology
This program is designed to help you enjoy more time, freedom and abundance within your business – involving several monthly coaching sessions and unlimited email support.  

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