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Process Automation brings a new level of convenience to businesses.

In business, process automation increases productivity while dramatically reducing cost. 

At Arise Business Solutions, we’ve started working with Process Street for our recurring processes.  Process Street is a Business Process Management (BPM) system. It makes it super simple for any team member to create checklists and recordings of processes for recurring tasks. It helps simplifying processes for everyone in your team. 

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As we all experience, on-boarding new staff can become costly. This Blog by Mindville explains in more detail that you can quickly spend thousands of dollars on a new hire. And easily spend about 5 weeks of time on training this new person. You can double this if they decide to leave after a negative (on-boarding) experience. Also, we shouldn’t underestimate the administration cost involved in manually processing data as pointed out by Glassdoor in this blog

Process Street provides simple templates for employee on-boarding processes.

Having staff on-boarding processes automated with Process Street has proven to be of great benefit. It helps make the entire process of welcoming a new team member simple and standard across the company. This helps with increasing productivity and reduces the cost of involving other staff. It can also boost the retention of your new hire by creating a consistent and positive experience for everyone. 

With Process Street, you can create checklists of the required processes, either from existing templates like this one or from scratch.  A  new employee then undergoes these steps one at a time. With the automation of Process Street, the system will track progress step by step. Then it will be notifying the person responsible when complete.

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Part of what Process Street offers includes preparation of relevant paperwork, retrieving of staff’s information for record keeping, a checklist on staff preparations like office stationary, system accesses, and account creation. 

Furthermore, you can automate the assignment of required reading, provision of job description, responsibilities, and contract signing, and all other training processes. This gets the new member acquainted to his/her new working environment.

Process Street also offers the convenience of documenting your business’ workflow procedures. There are many standardised workflow procedures available though the process templates which you can copy and modify to suit your needs. 

Of course, having your business operational procedures in this tool, will help a new staff member to quickly familiarise themselves with your standard way of working – help avoiding any “newbie mishaps”.  

Having all standard operating procedures in online checklists, also means they can be easily updated.

And, imagine the amount of paper you save! No need to have your piles of staff on-boarding paperwork printed out and copied. Everything can be handled online. This doesn’t only save on your stationery costs, this means you also help our planet! 

The decision to use automation in your business processes is a lot simpler than you think and doesn’t have to cost much at all. 

You can either talk to me about Process Street, or sign up for a FREE trial here  to help on-boarding staff, making everyday work easier, your staff happier, and your business more productive.

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