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Rob Laidlaw

Let your computer rest… Yes! you read it right. Shut your laptop down, unplug the cable, tuck your chair under that desk, and leave the computer alone so it can get some well-deserved time out. I bet, if only these things could speak, they would scream at you for overusing them. Machines need some rest too, you know.

Computers break, wear out, and could give up on you completely if you don’t look after them. They are designed for hard work, but unfortunately they do not always manage the workload you throw at them… so, have some heart and give them some time off!

And while they’re at it, perhaps you can allow a little time for your own relaxation? You think you might not have time for this, but you know you definitely need it.

Your body is not an engine which can function to work in one place all day long. Your mind might tell you to keep going because it thinks it can’t stop in the middle of a long list of tasks. Taking a break may not sound like a good option, but your entire body might already be extremely exhausted and you would not want it to fail you because you are taking it for granted, right?

“Your body is not an engine which can function to work in one place all day long.”

What Not To Do

If you want to be more productive and improve your daily efficiency in terms of problem solving, then it is better not to overwork. Do not flag yourself as the ultimate workaholic because it’s definitely not worth it.

Studies reveal that staying too long at your desk has physical, mental, and emotional repercussions. Maybe you’ve heard yourself telling kids not to use their gadgets too much or it will hurt their eyes? Well, I’ve got news for you. This warning applies to both kids and adults and you are not an exception. Eyestrain due to extended period of looking at that radiated screen can cause serious health problems and eyesight injuries aside from the fact that it’s absolutely annoying.

If you’re not concerned about your eyes, then probably think about your wrists and the real threat of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) which commonly manifests as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). This results from using the keyboard or the mouse repetitively throughout the day for long hours causing pain, numbness, and dull ache. Well, this is not only disturbing but also may require surgical treatments in worst cases. Definitely would not be very helpful in problem solving at work. Pretty serious, right?

As business owners, we often turn our office and workspace into our comfort zone. Our desks become our personal space, and we treat our jobs as though they constitute life itself. We make the assumption that our work defines us, and if we’re not on our desk working, then we’re wasting time. Unfortunately, this is a myth that needs to be debunked. Working overtime is so overrated – and it doesn’t result in a job well done nor better problem solving! It does not make you a better entrepreneur… Indeed, you need to work hard, but you should also work smart.


Definitely Do:

A lot of studies provide evidence that the freedom of moving creates windows for creative thinking whereas sitting still puts your mind and body at rest in such they are less likely to function effectively.

What I am implying is that it’s time for you to stop confining yourself to that swivel chair of yours with the only movement being the rolling of wheels to get to the nearby printer and then back to your favourite office wallpaper again!

You have to stand, walk, breathe fresh air, see the sky and talk to plants, laugh out loud, and take a break to amplify your inner game.

Even walking within your building to get away from your desk, but ideally walking outside using the excuse to grab something to eat or drink does so much to regenerate your numb muscles.

Science believes that walking improves your writing and thinking skills as compared to when you are simply sitting down. Contrary to what most people think, walking around can free up your mind to solve problems you’ve been stewing over.

When you walk your body’s chemistry changes and as the heart pumps faster, blood circulates more oxygen to your brain prompting cell activity and stimulating neuron growth.

Wow! Imagine the possibilities and the improvement in your problem solving if you just walk away!

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